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Next dimension cell culture technology

Revivocell Ltd develops novel technology for the growth of cell cultures
that better mimic the function of living tissue in an in-vitro environment.
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About Us

Revivocell develops next dimension cell culture technology to improve research in life science and enhance drug discovery processes. We do this through our CELLBLOKS™ product.

It’s our passion to provide technology that enables researchers to replicate the interactions of multiple organs in one platform that is easy to use and can closely mimic real life scenarios, whilst reducing animal testing.

The Innovation

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We have patent applications in novel cell culture devices that enable the growth of human cell culture in multi-dimensional forms in laboratory conditions, that better replicate the environment of living tissue. Additionally, our technology enables the monitoring of cellular changes non-destructively when treated with test agents (eg., drugs, chemical, pollutants, viruses etc).

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CELLBLOKS™ - A unique patent protected platform to enable creativity in your research.
Current conventional cell culture techniques are static and self-limiting.
They are grown in isolation that simply do not represent the real nature of human organ-organ interactions.
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Multi-organ co-culture made easy

Ever feel like you wanted to better simulate non-invasive in-vivo like conditions to
further research but you have to rely on more than a century old
“Petri dish” technology that simply doesn’t work or “micro-chip” approaches that complex and difficult to use.

CELLBLOKS™ provides a unique customisable platform for multi-organ
physiological experiments not provided by any other product. The platform covers number of applications including:

• Pre-clinical safety and efficacy testing
• Cosmetics testing
• Life sciences research (e.g., cancer biology)

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Our Team

Dr. Valon Llabjani

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

PhD in Biological Sciences, Lancaster University

Dr. Valmira Hoti

Operations Director

BSc(Hons) in Accounting and Finance, Prishtina & PhD in Applied Statistics, LancasterUniversity

Dr. Ahtasham Raza

Postdoctoral Research Associate

PhD in Biological Sciences, University of Sheffield

Anaïs Makos

Master Student

Universite de Lorraine, France

Advisory Board

Prof. Francis L Martin

PhD in Biochemical Pharmacology (London)
Chair in Biosciences, University of Central Lancashire

Dr Imran Patel

Ph.D., Biological Sciences and Biophotonics, Lancaster University

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